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Let your green zone be lit in an eco friendly way

Solar lights are the lights which come with a charge control, battery, a LED light and most importantly a photo voltaic solar panel to charge the batteries to light up the bulb. These lights are cost-effective as well as Eco-friendly, they are easy to install and cut the electric bill to a greater extent.

Solar lights are a beneficial option for the rural zone but the customized formats are luring urban populations as well. They turn on and off automatically on sensing the outside light.

Solar string garden lights make up a heavenly decoration, with strings of customized lights here and there and everywhere lighting up your garden without any hassle of connecting with a mains power supply. Available in various colors, patterns, sizes, cut work shelled strings it’s a pleasure to watch. These lights complement the aesthetics of your garden such as the Halloween pumpkin shaped light.

Solar wall lights for garden are the classy lights to light up outdoors without any mains connections. These lights are LED motion sensor lights and glow longer than other lights. Each light has its own photo voltaic solar panel absorbing suns energy all day long, lighting up your garden at night such as the British style lamp.

If you are really impressed in buying these solar string garden lights and the solar wall lights for your garden, Landsign.com is the right place for you.

It has 11 varieties of solar string lights for garden in different patterns and shapes of butterflies, pumpkin and many more in varied colors. It also has 5 varieties of solar wall lights for garden, lighting the exteriors of your house and your garden.

Using solar lights is a great way to save our resources. The day-to-day inventions and applications in this field have made it popular among the house-owners. Nowadays the customized solar lights have made their mark felt besides the other commercial electric-powered lights, coming in various colors, shapes and sizes. If you don’t live in a moist and snowy place, solar lights can be your perfect friend!


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