Let’s Try To Match The Queen

Have you ever wondered where you should buy your wedding dress? Well, the English should consider Manchester and Cheshire as their best bets. Brides of England is a reservoir of Beautiful wedding dresses.

Unlike many other wedding shops in Manchester, it offers the following dresses for every body type:

  • A-line: As the name suggests, the dress fits the waist and then flows in the shape of “A”.
  • Ball Gown: This dress gives a full skirt below the tightly fitted waist and gives a princess look.
  • Drop Waist: These dresses give a frilly appearance below the hip.
  • Empire: This a high waist design and is made to emphasize the bust area without making it look too revealing.
  • Fishtail: The dress is fitted till the knee and flares below.
  • Tea length: The full length of legs is not covered with this dress.
  • Sheath dresses: These dresses are meant to flatter the bride’s body and are generally made of chiffon.

Every bride wants a delicate, feminine and sophisticated look for her big day. The wedding dresses Cheshire capture the bridal gowns from simple to richly decorated silhouettes.

There are a variety of accessories both the places offer to the would-be brides:

Tiaras: Many brides complement the bridal dress with a tiara. It gives a rich and regal look.

Head band: For decorating hair, hair bands with embedded crystals are always in style.

Wedding sleeves: To accent a strapless gown, sleeves made of delicate beading or lace are used.

Bridal overskirts: The overskirts which add style to the dress are detachable and are usually worn on short dresses.

Sashes and belts: These accessories made out of delicate materials like satin, crystals and beads add an extra oomph to a plain bridal dress.

Jackets, shawls and capes: The long flowing capes and the romantic caplets create a dramatic effect on the overall look.

A lot of the dresses in both the places are a designer. They are made of different materials such as satin, lace, chiffon, organza, taffeta, tulle and zibeline.


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